Jimithang is a small village opposite to Kuruthang town. Jimi- the sand, thang-the land has been named from its sandy soil structure. It is a beautiful village  on top with other valleys observation. The morning view is always spectacular with evergreen beauty under rising sun. Ugyen Acadamy and Khuruthang school are its direct view while town comes the next. The students of 20 household move all the way down for shapping their future. The metal bridge has been their time saving resouce linking the school.

Agriculture is the driving force for the socio-economic development of the people. Paddy the first preference is the opportunity cost of other cerals like wheat and mustard. They grow two type of rice normally called “Ngab ja” and “chum karp”.  Though challenged with labour shortage and water, people put their strong perseverance for irrigation as it is the source of livelihood. Mustard is the winter crop for oil production. Unlike past only few people cultivate as many depend on the oil available in market. Selling rice and “zaw” is normal task for female members while men go for other heavy works.

Alcohol is still preferred by the people. Almost 95% of people either old, young, men or women go for it. The wheat is normally and mostly used for brewing alchol. I could see the sleepy mood of people filled with laziness and boredom from the very morning. I was thrilled by the people and asked the old if it is the normal trend. I was told that people drink alcohol, bangchang and singchang even today though the number has reduced. I was told that drinking gives courage and its boring in crowd if there isn’t drinks. That was the funny moment encountered during my attachment. And, it is very sad to see elders, grownups and old in wrong tract for their child. People drink but their only limit is when the pot becomes empty.

On the very fast day of my visit, I was told if I drink. I realized how the people have misunderstood sharchops for being alcohilic. Sharchops drink but not all. Like wise is the Ngalops. The trend or system of this two people are same as both are equally towards it.
Household at Jimithang though was succesful but isn’t as per the objective of what curriculum demands. I was determined at the begining if I as a forester could help people in rendering my little knowlege of forestry. I told if their is any kind of nursery to be raised and other doubts and gaps in forestry. The host replied they don’t have. The only thing is they are in shortage of men and if I could be of some help. I energetically gave a positive reply of my willingness.
Firewood collection has been my normal works in the household. I climbed the mountain with axe on shoulder and Patang wore around wrist. I have to drag the log or tree down the hill to household. I realised that experice has been inherited in my blood. I have been and experinced it as a son of simple peasant. Same comments from my friends since all the traniees are of the similar background. But we worked just because we are placed in it and have to eat from them.

The only influence I could make is to dispose the waste in pits and burn it. I remember, collecting waste everymorning and buring. I told my host family the negative impacts of plastic to environment and health. They told me to do as told which could be my success if they ever do.

Above all, the important need of extension agent is sociolization with people. Through it, I learnt and could understand the livelihood of different farmers. I could make good relationships with people around and have much integrity reserved in my  emotional bank account.

Therefore, I thank all individual who has helped me in gaining such experinces of different livelihood. Thanks to college admistration, parents, gewog admistration, GFEO, GAEO,GLEO of Dzomi for support.