About Author

Background and Education

I was born to a simple peasant at Monggar Chaskhar in 1995 to father Singye and mother Sonam Pelmo. I am the second youngest son to six children of them. Being from a poor agrarian family, I have suffered like all of my family to live to the level of society. Schoolings were challenging, I did not have most of the luxury my friends had by the fact of being from the poorer section of society. I remember going schools without slippers, bags and torn uniform. It was at Chaskhar Primary school then where I did my lower grades till 8 but now is being upgraded to Chaskhar Central School. Yadi Central School then known as Yadi Middle Secondary School has broadened my horizon of learning where I stepped into Higher Secondary School after getting qualified from class 10. Bajothang Higher Secondary School has opened my door in another milestone of life where I graduated with 12th grade and got qualified to Colleges in Bhutan. Of different choices, College of Natural Resources has suited my passion and graduated in 2016 with diploma in Forestry. Today I serve as park ranger in Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the protected areas of Bhutan.

Leadership and Contributions

Like many of my friends, I have been as class captains and house captains in my school days. I have produced best house of the year when I was at Yadi Higher Secondary School now known as Yadi Central School. I was waste management club president at College of Natural Resources and in fact, I was the first person to turn waste in to money with the help of club. The contributions of the club went far from door to door collection of waste till fixing of dustbins and pits.

Interest and Accomplishments

Unlike many, I haven’t accomplished much but all the accomplishments were as a result of my personal interest and commitment to work. Since from lower secondary school, I was quite eloquent in speaking though my content is less. I have been best debater till 12th grade from class 8. I have also won best poetry reciter in middle school. In academic part, I was second topper in dzongkha one in BHSEC with 89 points. Moreover, I am one of the academic excellence certificate recipients from College of Nature Resources in 2016. Needless to say, my academic achievement ends with securing second position in RCSC viva examination in 2016. I am a passionate photographer and consistent hardworking blogger. I am a reader too. Today I have created many blogs for my friends and written many articles related to environment and forestry section.